At our company, people provide the greatest value. Of course, we want to see staffers that work flawlessly at Technolex. However, flawless work is not enough—our staff must share our yearning for innovation, approach their work creatively, and be a real team player.

To join the team at Technolex Translation Studio, you will have to pass a series of professional tests, but the end result is worth it.

What we offer

At Technolex we try to provide everything our employees need for professional growth and career advancement. A comfortable work environment, friendly staff, and comprehensive support for new hires—we're confident that all this will help you become even more of a professional.

We offer:

  • practical training on high-quality translation and editing;

  • training on European and international quality standards and processes;

  • practical training on all software products used by the leading
    international translation agencies;

  • feedback on every translation you complete, including a numeric quality score;

  • incentives and bonuses;

  • professional growth and career advancement that depends directly on your performance;

  • an individual approach to employees that unlocks everybody's strengths (one person is better at translating large marketing projects; somebody else may excel at small technical translations);

  • support for our employees and their families in emergency situations;

  • paid sick leave without requiring a doctor's notice;

  • we care more about you completing your work on time with high quality than you coming in to work at 9 a.m.


Your education and past experience is less important to us than your current skills and knowledge. We also value your willingness to grow and learn new technologies and quality standards—and not to be afraid of new technical tools and software (we're always ready to help with this).

Our candidates:

  • want to grow professionally;

  • are attentive to details and love accurate translations;

  • are no strangers to linguistic style and the beauty of language;

  • desire to and are able to work as a team, creating and maintaining an atmosphere of trust and respect;

  • can solve challenges where others give up;

  • are unafraid to dig deeper and find unconventional solutions;

  • are flexible and can easily adapt to external changes;

  • can quickly find their bearings in non-standard situations and are able to work with massive documents;

  • can not only accept constructive criticism but also defend their position with reason;

  • love their work.

For employment, please write to the e-mail address:

The following positions are currently open:

Technolex Translation Studio is recruiting specialists looking to gain professional development in the field of translation and localization. We are looking for talented, responsible and highly motivated professionals who are willing to learn and continuously improve their skills.

We currently have an opening for an in-house translator from German to Russian and Ukrainian (working either in the office or remotely).

If you make it through the selection process to join our team, you will:

— Learn to use the latest automatic translation software, which for some reason our student linguists don’t get told about.

— Start receiving orders from big international companies from practically your first day on the job. You won’t be translating any passports, diplomas or birth certificates.

— Receive detailed feedback on every job you do. As time progresses, you’ll become a professional, provided you take lessons from that feedback.

— Be given opportunities for real career progression. How you make use of them will be up to you.

To make it with us, you’ll have to put the work in: fill out an application, take a test, pass an interview and perform well in your first three months in the job. If you’ve never worked at a company like ours before, you’ll have a lot to learn at the start of your employment: you’ll have to get to grips with our work programs and familiarize yourself with our customers’ quality requirements and style guides. But most important — you’ll need to be developing all the time. We won’t let you stay in your comfort zone. If all this hasn’t frightened you off, we would love to welcome you on board the professional team at Technolex Translation Studio.

Requirements for applicants:

1) Knowledge of the English language at the level required for professional activities.

2) Excellent knowledge of a written Ukrainian/Russian language. The above means strict compliance with the rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling and style.

3) Computer literacy at the level of an advanced user.

4) Willingness to learn.


1) Experience of work in the segment of high quality translations.

2) Experience of work with IT-related texts.

3) Knowledge of professional translation tools and skills of working with them.

4) Knowledge of translation style guides by the leading international IT companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple, EMC, etc.)

If you are interested in this position, please pass the test by pressing the button below. If you pass the test successfully, you will see the application form that has to be filled in. The applicants who have passed the selection by the application form will be sent a 500-word test translation. Please translate it to be invited to the job interview.




thousand times job applicants have tried to pass our test since 2011, but only 30% of candidates pass even the first stage of our selection process.


of job applicants successfully pass the entire selection process. One in three full-time employees do not pass our probation period. We have to stop working with every other freelance translator, because their work fails to satisfy our criteria.


months on average are required to learn how to complete work that comply with our standardseven for employees who have passed the selection process.


full-time employees (who passed their probation period) have left the company in its 5 years of operation. We still maintain our friendship with two of them.

As you can see from these figures, being hired by us is no small feat. However, employees who pass our selection process stay with us for a long time, because we offer excellent opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. We provide a comfortable work environment and a positive, cooperative atmosphere.


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